All colors of communication


Did you know that the combined definition of communication does not exist? How come that something so common as communication is so hard to put in words? In this text, you will find basic information about communication and I will simplify for you the difference with verbal and nonverbal communication. You are using both of them, right?

Also, there will also be a Be skilled challenge for you.

There are many different types of communication: verbal, nonverbal, intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public, mass, and healthy communication, telecommunication, and computer-mediated communication. What types of communication do we use in our life? More or less, in some aspects of our lives, we have, for sure, used all of these types of communication. The only question that remains is – how aware are we of our communication.

Are you aware of the way you communicate? Let us explore together, from the start, this big area of communication.

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly is verbal communication? How would you define it?

Verbal communication is a communication that we make with our speech (words) and writing. The base of verbal communication is the language which we use – there we have a wide range of choices to use, for example, if we are going to use our dialect of formal language, our mother tongue or foreign language, or maybe sign language? You see now how many choices we have here in the usage of verbal communication.

Fun fact: In presentation skills, only 7% of our presentation (public speaking) goes on the words. Only 7% of all presentation. And you just saw how many options we do have for verbal communication.

So what would a nonverbal communication be? Have you ever tried to define it? How would you define it?

Simply said, nonverbal communication is a way of mutual understanding between people without the usage of words. It is combined from more components: the voice (the tone and color), gestures, and body language. Have you ever just looked at someone and just knew what the other person is thinking? That is the true power of nonverbal communication.

Fun fact: In presentation skills, 93% of your public speech goes on nonverbal communication.

Luckily, communication is a skill, and therefore it can be learned, relearned, practiced, and feedbacked. The more successful your communication skills are, your life will be better – both personal and business life.

Now, it is time for Be skilled challenge: next time when you are communicating in a situation that is making your blood pressure rise, try this – try to control the tone and color of your voice. Try to talk in a calmer voice and slowly say what you want to say – but keep your voice under control. You will be surprised how much you can gain with just using this communication tip. Extra tip – try this trick more than once.

Let me know how did your challenge go on our e-mail: [email protected] or through our social media. I really want to know if there were some turbulence during your challenge or did you manage to control your voice and to get (safely) to your goal.

I am very much looking forward to hearing your experiences and your thoughts.

Remember: Knowledge is important, but skills are essential.

Until our next read,



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