Be skilled – school of non formal education Makarska


Be skilled – school of non formal education was held from 5.-8.11.2018 as a cooperation with local NGO “Ruke za bolju Makarsku” . This school was aimed for youth (18 – 35 y.o.) who have just finished their education (high school or University), and are about to enter the working world or those who have been working for some time and for those who see themselves on some higher positions in companies or as the owners of their own businesses.

Goals of the education were:

  1. Target group: people who are between 18 and 35 years old
  2. Have four soft skills training for four days in a row
  3. Max number of participants is 15
  4. To find target group online and “spreading the word” method between that population
  5. Have someone from the City council (the financier) come on the last day and present participants with the certificate

The subjects were (in this order):

  1. Writing CV
  2. Presenting yourself
  3. Organisational skills
  4. Financial literacy

Be skilled – school of non formal education Makarska, have (successfully) finished 13 participants (they attended everyday of the education) who received certificate about this education, though on individual training sessions there were more participants.

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