Counseling Lanterna in Makarska, Croatia


With Counseling “Lanterna” I have been cooperating for many years now, from 2014 to be exact.  There have been many different projects whose target group population was always different: unemployed youth, persons with disabilities, youth in general, unemployed people in general, etc. Projects always had a big value for the local community because they have made it possible to do this kind of (for the participants free) education in their hometown Makarska.

Some of the themes in those projects and educations are:

  • How to write a CV,
  • How to present yourself at a job interview,
  • Financial literacy,
  • Motivation,
  • Feedback,
  • Communication,
  • Presentation skills,
  • Johari window,
  • “You – me” messages,
  • Organisational skills,
  • Strategic planning, etc.

How to start your own business – MARA

This education was created for the project “Employment club (Exercitatione)“, which was organised by Makarska Razvojna Agencija MARA, and...