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A person (trainer) who creates learning experiences based on the specific need(s) of a participant

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I want to make world a better place by creating new learning experiences for individuals, organisations and business world – the one we need in our life, but did not get in our formal education. 

Knowledge is important, but skills are essential. 

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Why should you hire Be skilled?

Be skilled has been founded with the aim of providing training sessions/educations which are always created from scratch and by the exact needs of it’s clients (you and your employees). Before every training session we do needs analysis to see how we should create that training session for you and your employees. That way we can provide the best quality training sessions for you and your employees.

Past Cooperations

How to start your own business – MARA

This education was created for the project “Employment club (Exercitatione)“, which was organised by Makarska Razvojna Agencija MARA, and was held from 11. –...

Counseling Lanterna in Makarska, Croatia

With Counseling “Lanterna” I have been cooperating for many years now, from 2014 to be exact.  There have been many different projects whose target group...

First Be skilled training sessions I have attended have been about presentation skills and how to let go of the fear of public speaking. Even though I thought, till than, that I am pretty good and relaxed in public speaking and presenting in front of the others, trainer Glorija has managed to pull me out far from my comfort zone. Day by day, I was becoming more and more successful in concuring the challenges she had prepared for us. Today, I can say that I am even more relaxed as a public speaker and I have gained even more confidence for delivering public speeches and doing presentations.


On Be skilled training sessions I have learned many useful methods which have helped me use my money and my free time more efficiently, and they have helped me become more competent person in the job market. This was a really good investment in myself.

K. J.

I came to the first training session witzout any expectations. At the end of second training session my expectations were very high. At the end oft he education I have discovered new world thanks to the learned techniques I have gained during the education. Since than, I am eagerly awaiting every new training session because every previouse one has made my life a bit better.

M. M. Č.

I have participated in „Presentation skills and public speaking“ education which had lasted for five days. At first, I was a bit sceptical mainly because it seemed that five days was a bit too long. It turned out to be the exact opposite of it.  Ever since I can remember, I was always envolved in some kind of „performance“, but I was still very nervouse while performing. And that is ok. It will always be like that. The only difference now is that I am more aware of my nervouseness and I can do something about it. One more important thing I have learned is how to give a propper feedback. Since than I have been using that method in my personal and professional life. The resault I have noticed is that I have better communication – it is easier and more understandeable.


I have participated in Be skilled workshops via MARA agency. At the beginning I did not know what to expect and at the end I have gained so much that I was completely blown away. Business skills, organisational and time management skills…. I was not aware that they exsist, let alone how much knowledge is hidden behind them. And I have just opened my business. I have gained the knowledge that is applied in every day life, without a lot of theory and with a looot of exercises. That is what I have gained and it is it's own greatest value.

T. P.

The diversity and width of our trainers portfolio allows us to choose the best suitable trainer for your training sessions.


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