“I have all the time in the world – do I?”


Do we really have all the time in the world or is it all just one big lie we tell ourselves? What do you think? Actually, most of us believe that that sentence is completely true. I have thought so myself until recently. 

In this text, I will show you and prove to you that that sentence is one big scam. I will also provide you with one test (short technique) to test this sentence, which I have created myself. This test can help you be more realistic with your goals and wishes. Also, there is one more Be skilled challenge coming your way.  

So let us start from the beginning. First you should fill out this short test

  1. What do you want to achieve/do in your life?

Write it down: ________________________________________

  1. Ok. What are you doing about it on a yearly basis?

Write it down: _________________________________________

  1. Ok. What are you doing about it on a 6 months basis?

Write it down: _________________________________________

  1. Ok. What are you doing about it on a monthly basis?

Write it down: _________________________________________

  1. Ok.  What are you doing about it on a weekly basis? 

Write it down: _________________________________________

  1. Ok. What are you doing about it on a daily basis? 

Write it down: _________________________________________

How was this exercise for you? Did you get stuck somewhere? On the first step? Maybe third? Have you ever thought this way about your wishes and goals? We all have many dreams and ideas. Unfortunately, most of those ideas (and wishes) do not come true simply because we do not elaborate them enough. This exercise gives you a quick and honest answer if you are doing all you can to make your dreams and ideas come true

What do you think, how many skills are there in this short test? Actually, there are many skills in this test: 

  • Planning,
  • Time management,
  • Organisational skills,
  • Focusing,
  • Motivation,
  • Discipline,
  • Setting SMART goals,
  • Strategic planning, etc. 

In such a small exercise, so many different skills. 

When I first did this test two thoughts came to my mind “I really do not have as much time as I have thought” and “on my, I am already running late”. And I do consider myself a very skillful person. This is just another proof that we can (and we should) always work on ourselves and our skills. We can always strive for perfection, even though we can never achieve it. 

As you have noticed, in this test I have used a good old (Croatian) saying that goes like “write down, Mate, write it down” because the inspiration for this test came from my colleague Learning Designer (from Youth Trainers Academy) and a business trainer Tea Zavacki . Thanks to her inspiration, I have created this test and I have implemented it into all parts of my life:

  1. Living space organisation,
  2. Finances, 
  3. Social life,
  4. Business,
  5. Self-development,
  6. Family life, etc.

The method itself is very simple, and you can try it out too – make it your new Be skilled challenge

  1. Write down your ideas/wishes
  2. Put them in the order by importance (and urgency)
  3. Take your ideas/wishes through the steps from this test – the detailed, the better

If you have managed to fill out all 6 steps in this test, then you possess all the skills mentioned above and you know how to use them properly. Congratulations. 🙂 

If you got stuck on some step, do not despair – after all, they are “only” skills, and, luckily, skills can be trained, learned, relearned and improved. So, everything is still ok. The most important step is to know where you are with your skills and to be motivated to work on them

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Until next time,


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Knowledge is important, but skills are essential. Be skilled.


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