Let’s work together

My aim is to change the world. Here, I am just getting started and there will be many more things (webinars, events, etc.) coming so make sure you are following me on linkedIn or here. 


How can we work together now: 

1) Let’s pick some brain – a sort session (30 min or 1 hour) where the aim is to come up with a few solutions for your at-the-moment situation. We work 1:1 (Croatian and English).

If you are feeling stuck and need some refreshment on how to present yourself and your business/product online or on some upcoming event, this is where I come to your rescue.

Here, I offer you my inner eye on how to present you/your business on a larger scale. Together, we go through the presentation which you are currently using (website, social media, powerpoint, pitch, etc.) and we come up with few solutions on how you can upgrade your presentation – so that you can scale your sale as well.  

Remember, I have been doing this for over 17 years now.

As artists see their art even before they make it, I see the presentation that can be and that should be. I am here for you

Let’s pick some brain – for 30 minutes the price is 75 €. 

Let´s pick some brain – for 1 hour the price is 150 €.

Send me an e-mail on [email protected] as the first step in making a killer presentation (and scaling your sale as well). 



2) Tailor-made education at your placeyou want to upgrade your skills or you want your employees to learn how to present better and clearer (your business/products) or how to solve clients complaints with better presentation/communication (the result is the increase in the sale). 

Here, you choose what you want to learn for yourself or what do you want your employees to learn and I create a tailor made training session which than I deliver at your place – your office or store or wherever you want. 

Tailor-made education (training session) should last at least 4 hours because that is the best time for the participants to go through two circles of learning and implementing the skill they are learning. 

Why on earth should we hire you?

Well, since you are here, I know that you have already read my story. All of the experience that I have gained through my formal, informal and non-formal education, has provided me with unique skills and knowledge not just in Dalmatia, not just in Croatia, but in Europe as well. 

My formal education (social work and social politics) tells you that I know how to work with people who are going through some really hard times in their lives. It tells you that I care. 

My informal education (restaurant POINT) tells you that hard work is something I am very familiar with. 

My non-formal education (BEST and Youth Trainers Academy) tells you that I am very fond of self development, learning, and becoming more skilled. 

How and when do we start working together?

Well, first we make contact through my e-mail [email protected] or linkedIn

Then, we discuss what would you (or our employees) like to learn and which skill (sales or presentation) would you/they want to develop. We agree on the topic, on the goals of the session, the place, duration and time of the education. Then I start creating the training session, come to the agreed place and we create magic together (magic= we solve few of your problems in presentation and sales). 

The price for a 4 hours long tailor made training session contact me

Note, the payment is made upfront.  


3) Presentations – you want me to come and deliver a presentation at your company or your event? No problem, I do love a good presentation. 

Contact me on my e-mail and tell me what you had in mind. 

The price is set according to what you need. 


Thank you for having a growth mindset. We can, indeed, really change the world together.  Knowledge is important, but skills are essential. Be skilled. 





Why have I started BE SKILLE, what do I do and who are those who hire BE SKILLED?

Be skilled has been founded with the aim of providing training sessions/educations which are always created from scratch and by the exact needs of its clients (you and your employees).

Before every training session we do needs analysis to see how we should create that training session for you and your employees. That way we can provide the best quality training sessions for you and your employees. We strive to provide the skills which our participants can use right away after the end of a training session, and not “some day in the future”. That is the main thing that makes Be skilled unique training company on the job market. 

With training sessions created this way, you improve your business automatically. You, as an employer, get the best possible education for your employees and your business. 

Skills are those who separate successful individuals from the crowd. Skills are what we need to succeed in our private and in our professional life. Luckily, skills are something we can always learn and upgrade. Be skilled is here to help you be more skilled and more successful. 

Be skilled is a trainer’s (Learning Designers) company who is hired by those employers (and individuals) who want to invest in themselves, in their employees. Be skilled is unique for the methods which we use in creating our training sessions. We make sure that the training session is always on the level that is best suited for the participants.

Be skilled is here to help you become the best version of yourself.

Each participant will get the individual analysis and assessment of his/her skills with concrete advice and suggestions for further growth.



Possible ways for cooperation: 

  • Training sessions in croatian and in english (live and online)
  • Topics: presentation and sales 
  • Improve your english – 1:1 english speaking courses 
  • Individual coaching 1:1
  • Guest speaker
  • Article writing 

What do you get:

  • skills you can implement right away
  • tailor made training sessions 
  • direct and individual work with your employees
  • feedback (for you and your employees)
  • handbook from the training session
  • my 17+ years of experience in presentation and sales
  • more satisfied clients and employees

Without good communication and presentation skills there is no sale.

Presentation skills

  • feedback
  • active listening
  • public speaking
  • communication
  • presentation live and online
  • personal presentation
  • business presentation

Sales skills

  • direct sales
  • conflict solving
  • negotiation 
  • fundraising
  • storytelling
  • emotional inteligence
  • strategic planning


First Be skilled training sessions I have attended have been about presentation skills and how to let go of the fear of public speaking. Even though I thought, till than, that I am pretty good and relaxed in public speaking and presenting in front of the others, trainer Glorija has managed to pull me out far from my comfort zone. Day by day, I was becoming more and more successful in concuring the challenges she had prepared for us. Today, I can say that I am even more relaxed as a public speaker and I have gained even more confidence for delivering public speeches and doing presentations.


On Be skilled training sessions I have learned many useful methods which have helped me use my money and my free time more efficiently, and they have helped me become more competent person in the job market. This was a really good investment in myself.

K. J.

I came to the first training session witzout any expectations. At the end of second training session my expectations were very high. At the end oft he education I have discovered new world thanks to the learned techniques I have gained during the education. Since than, I am eagerly awaiting every new training session because every previouse one has made my life a bit better.

M. M. Č.

I have participated in „Presentation skills and public speaking“ education which had lasted for five days. At first, I was a bit sceptical mainly because it seemed that five days was a bit too long. It turned out to be the exact opposite of it.  Ever since I can remember, I was always envolved in some kind of „performance“, but I was still very nervouse while performing. And that is ok. It will always be like that. The only difference now is that I am more aware of my nervouseness and I can do something about it. One more important thing I have learned is how to give a propper feedback. Since than I have been using that method in my personal and professional life. The resault I have noticed is that I have better communication – it is easier and more understandeable.


I have participated in Be skilled workshops via MARA agency. At the beginning I did not know what to expect and at the end I have gained so much that I was completely blown away. Business skills, organisational and time management skills…. I was not aware that they exsist, let alone how much knowledge is hidden behind them. And I have just opened my business. I have gained the knowledge that is applied in every day life, without a lot of theory and with a looot of exercises. That is what I have gained and it is it's own greatest value.

T. P.

To me, presentation and sales are

as easy as breathing.