My story

I am Glorija Matić, the first soft skills trainer in Dalmatia. If you want to change your career, if you are in between jobs, if you are looking for your first employment, or you want to improve your skills, I am your woman for the job! I will do my best to help you become the best version of yourself.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are skills that are in high demand in many professions. These include empathy, critical thinking, social intelligence, problem-solving skills, public speaking, adaptability, teamwork, leadership, and intercultural understanding.

In a work environment, soft skills reflect through interaction with colleagues, communication with clients, team spirit, successful leadership, ability to negotiate well and perform tasks quickly. In unpredictable scenarios, soft skills make us promptly understand the situation and develop the best possible reaction. Soft skills encourage creative thinking and the flow of new ideas. Soft skills improve our other skills and abilities. People with soft skills adapt quickly and easily to new business circumstances.

Today, more and more work tasks are becoming automated. Therefore, soft skills, which robots cannot replicate, become crucial in business. Many studies predict that they will be key success factors in the future. One of the best and most effective methods for improving soft skills is coaching.

From zero to hero

My coaching development began 15 years ago by participating in projects of international NGOs aimed at promoting progress, tolerance, learning in a multicultural environment, and usage of acquired skills in practice.

By my portrayal, soft skills and lifelong learning become the pillars of success. I discovered these enlightenments while volunteering for the BEST organization, where I managed to carry out more than 40 projects, domestic and international. I would point out that organizing the EBEC Finals 2012, a significant engineering competition in Europe, was my most outstanding achievement at the time. Overall, I gathered knowledge about leadership, project development, learning methods, creative thinking, and problem-solving methods.


My vision is to encourage people who need guidance and inspiration to achieve their goals. So the first step towards my dreams was a master’s degree in social politics. That led me to work in a social welfare center, where I faced the lost young generation and confused adults. They were full of talents, gifts, love, and humanity, but they ended up in despair and discontentment. I wondered, what could they have done differently? What if they had guidance?

Where do I stand?

We all have different roles that we give to ourselves and each other in the community. Although I’m not a fan of labels, I still want to find my place. A place where I can do my best in the society in which I live. Analyzing my strengths and weaknesses, I realized I should coach how to successfully manage adulthood and utilize skills. I will influence many people because I will help them face their talents instead of wasting them. The gifts we have, and we are not even aware of them. I discovered my purpose through self-improvement, working with others, and participating in many projects. That is solid ground on which I will create a soft skills education that will bring out the best in you.

In 2011 I became the certified Learning Designer, one of the first in Croatia. Youth Trainers Academy is organized by Zero Generation, a multidisciplinary team of professional trainers with European and world experience in NGO running, international project management, training, and counseling. Additionally, In 2019 I passed a learning designer level under EFPSA.


This idea, a spark that used to be miles away from my reality, came true in 2019 when I founded BE SKILLED. My pilot project was Be skilled school of non-formal education in Makarska, unique in the Split-Dalmatia region. This great group of young participants earned a course certificate which improved their image in the job market. Afterwards, I became an external soft skills coach at Lanterna Counseling.

I believe we all have something valuable to offer the world. The lucky ones find that essence very quickly and learn how to get the best out of it. The rest of us have to struggle to find that drive so that we can discover our true colors and live the best we can. My goal is to discover your talent and passion. Those talents and skills that you certainly have we will grab, define and develop in the right direction. The consequence of these actions is pure happiness.

My wide circle of acquaintances can be a good network base for my students. The training is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, groups, institutions, and individual participants.

Dreams, ideas, aspirations – we draw on your vision map and choose the path to their realization. For the first time in your adult life, you will have the opportunity to be mentored and guided in accomplishing your wildest and most passionate ideas. Under my guidance, we make the impossible possible. It is essential to take the first step and decide to act. We take the next steps together and make your dreams come true. Take a look at what soft skills workshops look like here.


As with art, workshops fascinate you in an ethereal way because now you know what you were made for.

A story from my life

Restaurant Point is a major factor in my private and business development. Since 1980, my family has run this Dalmatian tavern where the whole family worked. Something I considered ordinary later in life gained great importance. This restaurant has made me keen and diligent and improved my social and emotional intelligence. I traveled, studied, volunteered on many projects, and had this profound real-life experience. The culmination of all was in the summer of 2019 when my husband and I took over the restaurant. The story of Point has taken a new course thanks to my hospitality skills and my husband’s business flair. Restaurant Point is the focal point where my virtues and skills intertwine. Now, it is your turn. Let us create an outpouring of creative energy in your world. What’s your Point? Let’s find out.


A wise man once told me: “Persistence can change destiny!”

Knowledge is important, but skills are essential!



To me, presentation and sales are

as easy as breathing.