Online Training Festival is a week-long training event that will happen from 18th till 24th of January 2021. There you can find experienced, professional educators share their skills and knowledge at extremely low fares. Online Training Festival is a unique opportunity to learn from specialists from all over the world in the fields of your interest to grow your character and your career. We have over 100 trainers, educators and learning designers delivering over 150 training sessions on this event. And we are so proud of that.

Our sessions are put in 6 different categories:

  • career, 
  • entrepreneurship, 
  • personal growth, 
  • learning design, 
  • digital skills and 
  • well-being

Be skilled will have 3 training sessions during Online Training Festival:

  1. How to write a PR statement using 5 W’s
  2. How to get money for your projects (fundraising)
  3. How is food stealing money from your pocket

“Our vision was to create an online educational possibility where everyone could apply, from all over the world, and it can be really affordable. We want people to invest in themselves from the comfort of their home for the price of the coffee. That is why we have created special ticket offers for early birds (before 31.12.2020), the price is reduced up to 33% based on your GDP, you can get up to 52% off for the multiple tickets, the nonprofits can get the discount up to 65%. We have also thought about people who are unemployed, who are students or in really tough financial situations and we have created an opportunity for them to get a discount up to 50% because we want them to invest in themselves too.” said Radek, the main organiser.

There are 10 young enthusiasts who are behind this project (volunteering). They are all Learning Designers and come from the following countries: Poland, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Netherland/Hungary, Romania, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia. They have been working on this project for months to make sure the top quality experience for the trainers and for the participants as well.

Our goal is to provide high quality sessions that you can participate in from the comfort of your home, for the price of a coffee.

We are eager to learn with you and from you during this event.


Learning Designer