Skyscraper can not be built, on the foundations for a house


This thought stuck in my memory after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I love when a certain book, article or conversation prompts me to look at a new angle. This is exactly what happened to me throughout this book (which I warmly recommend to everyone), and especially with this sentence.

“We can’t build a skyscraper, on the foundations provided for building a house.” – the reason itself is obvious why we can’t do it. That skyscraper would be very narrow and could not go high enough in the air. In other words, with all our effort and work, it would collapse, and we would be devastated and sad. We might even wonder why this happened, or we might blame others for not selling us quality material.

The same thing happens with our financial management skill. A skill we don’t learn in school, which we desperately need for life.

The foundations are very important in everything – whether we start a new business, enter into a new romantic relationship or discover a new hobby. If we lay the foundations wrong, all our efforts and work will be in vain.

When we talk about finances, the foundations are very important to us. We get the first foundations from our parents or guardians. Most often these foundations remain subconsciously in us. The next step in building our financial literacy, freedom and intelligence is educating in the field. We need to learn how to (properly) build.

After training in the field of financial management, we are able to make a decision on whether we should, for example, hire a certain professional or not, for the next step – if, for example, we want to trade shares on the stock exchange. It is important to know / learn to speak the “language of money”.

Our money is there for us to play with it. The money is there for us to manage it, not the other way around. The money is there to work for us, not for us to work for it. 

So check your foundations and the “building” you are building on that foundation. Do your foundations fit that “building”? Will you be able to complete that construction? I wish you the best possible foundation.

p.s. I have orginally wrote this article for Croatian portal for woman and money (Žene i novac) and if you want you can check it out (in Croatian) on this link.



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