What is more important high school/college diploma or skills?


The moment when we receive our high school/college diploma is a very big deal in our life. We celebrate it with our friends, family, brothers and sisters. We believe that we are now all grown up and ready for the big world. We are high up in the sky. Suddenly, we are faced with new challenges – it is expected from us that we know how to write our own CV, how to apply for the job, how to present ourselves at the job interview… And when we succeed in those challenges, all of the sudden, we are faced with new challenges that are connected with our new employment. We are expected to present something, to sell something, to be organised, to be able to make quick decisions, to adapt quickly to new situations, etc… Those situations can be really nerve wracking.

What did we got than with our degree from formal education? With our diploma we get certain title (and some hard skills). This reminds me of the time when I got my driving licence. I was so proud and thought that now I know how to drive a car. I was given this advice: “now, all you have gotten is a licence to join the drive. This does not mean that you know how to drive a car. Only experience can give you skills which you need to say “now, I am a (really) good driver” ”.  The point – driving a car is a skill.

Skills are something which we learn throughout our life (informal education) or something we have gained through volunteering, through some additional educations (non formal education).

In life, and in the job market, skills are those things that make us different from others, from our competition. (Soft) Skills are those who allow us to adapt quickly to new life and business change which we will (most certainly) face during our lifetime. The more skills we have, we are having better chances of surviving in this world and in living better and happier life.

Luckily for us, skills are something we can constantly upgrade, learn and relearn.

Precisely from (my personal) wish (and the need) to help everyone who wants to gain new skills (or to upgrade those they already have), to be more successful in the job market and in life, I have started “Be skilled”.  

Knowledge is important, but skills are essential. Our knowledge (hard skills) does not guarantee us success. Our (soft) skills are those who will help us to live happier, better, more successful lives – privately and professionally.  Be (more) skilled with Be skilled.


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