Why I do not like to write blog, and yet, I am writing one?


Why do any of us even do the things we do not like? What do we get out of it?

First impression of a blog can be, as if it is a place where someone is trying to be smarter than someone, though in fact, it is not like that at all. Blog can be used as a communication tool between the person writing it and the person reading it. Regardless of the topic.

In fact, why do we even do the things we do not like? There are many different reasons why is this so. Of course, sometimes we are forced to do something we do not like. But what about those situations when we do it willingly? Maybe we are testing our new theory, trying out something new, maybe we are expanding our comfort zone. What do we get out of it? Maybe we get some new discoveries, maybe we do not get nothing at all, maybe we will expand our comfort zone in a way that we never thought was possible, maybe we will meet some new friends. The point of it all? Well, if we do not do anything, nothing will happen – that is for sure. So, what happens if we dare to try? What happens if we succeed? What happens if we do not succeed? What happens if we leave our safe space? One thing is for sure – something will happen. And it is a way better outcome, than if we do nothing at all.

Life should be lived, and sometimes we should do the things we do not like or the things that scare us. That is how we grow. Luck follows those who dare.

Welcome to the journey that is called “Be skilled”. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.


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